Leticia Marques Osorio


Dr Leticia Marques Osorio is a Brazilian lawyer and serves as pro-bono counsel for the Clinic of Fundamental Rights of the State University of Rio de Janeiro and as Special Advisor on Infrastructure and Extractives for the Climate and Land Use Alliance. Leticia holds a PhD in Law from the University of Essex. Fully qualified lawyer in Brazil since 1992, she spent fifteen years in practice in international human rights law before turning to the philanthropic sector. She coordinated the human rights programme of the Ford Foundation in Brazil and received the Social Impact Award, granted by the British Council’s Education UK Alumni Awards, 2016.

Recently Published

The Brazilian Federal Supreme Court comes to the protection of indigenous people’s right to health in the face of Covid-19

In August 2020, the plenary of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court delivered a decision affirming the legal capacity of an indigenous movement, the Articulation of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil (APIB), to bring a claim before the Supreme Court for the review of actions and omissions of the federal government and the National Indian Foundation (FUNAI) when addressing…

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