Dr Lorenzo Gasbarri



Dr Lorenzo Gasbarri is Assistant Professor of International Law at Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies and, for the 2022/2023 a.y., Visiting Professor in Human Rights at Central European University. He is junior editor of the Oxford database on international organizations and convener of the interest group on international organizations of the European Society of International Law.

Recently Published

Victims of Informal Institutions: The Status of National Personnel of the International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG)

International organizations are famous for the jungle of contractual relationships with its officials and agents. Particularly within the United Nations (UN) system, critical voices are often raised for the way in which non-staff personnel are exploited to carry out the same activities and assume similar responsibilities of staff personnel. The unfair treatment of certain categories of workers…

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‘Try Again, Fail Again, Fail Better’: The International Law Commission is back on International Organizations

At its latest session in Geneva, the International Law Commission (ILC) inaugurated the discussions on its new project on the settlement of disputes to which international organizations (IOs) are parties. This is the fifth time in which the ILC focuses on IOs, after its projects on international responsibility, the representation of states, status, privileges…

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The Failure to Pursue the Mandates of International Organizations in the Midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic

This blogpost is a reaction to the last episode of EJIL: The Podcast!, in which the brilliant discussion on the role of the World Health Organization (WHO) in the pandemic ended up with the perennial question of accountability. As contended by Gian Luca Burci, the COVID-19 pandemic has shown once again that international organizations are ideal scapegoats.

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