Philip Leach and Alice Donald


Philip Leach is Professor of Human Rights Law at Middlesex University, a solicitor, and Director of the European Human Rights Advocacy Centre (EHRAC), also based at Middlesex University. Alice Donald is Senior Research Fellow at Middlesex University. She previously worked as a commissioner, editor and broadcast journalist with the BBC World Service.

Recently Published

Russia Defies Strasbourg: Is Contagion Spreading?

These are undoubtedly troubled times for the European human rights system. We have written previously about the risks that the toxic anti-Strasbourg rhetoric from certain quarters in the UK (frequently, but not exclusively, focused on the question of prisoner voting rights) might have contagious consequences further afield. In his memorandum to the Joint Committee on the…

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Human Rights Implementation: Our Shared Responsibility

After excursions to Interlaken, Izmir and Brighton, Council of Europe states meet again this week, in Brussels, to discuss further reform of the Europe-wide human rights system. Taking their turn to chair the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe, the Belgian government has decided to focus attention on the implementation of judgments…

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