Lea Raible


Dr Lea Raible is a Lecturer in Public Law at the University of Glasgow. Her research interests are in the areas of international and constitutional law, as well as their relationship with political philosophy. She has written on a range of topics, including the extraterritorial application of human rights, human rights adjudication and participatory democracy, and the theory and practice of referendums. She is the author of Human Rights Unbound: A Theory of Extraterritoriality (OUP 2020).

Recently Published

Justifying Extraterritorial Human Rights Obligations and Climate Change as a Counterexample

Why and What to Justify Extraterritorial human rights obligations are contentious. In the UK, for example, the ECtHR’s findings that armed forces deployed abroad have human rights obligations have met with criticism. Extraterritoriality is also routinely named as one of the most difficult aspects of the next generation of potentially groundbreaking human rights litigation:…

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Expanding Human Rights Obligations to Facilitate Climate Justice? A Note on Shortcomings and Risks

COP26 in Glasgow has reinvigorated the already vibrant and urgent discussions about climate justice, what it means, and how to achieve it. One strategy that enjoys significant traction is the idea that expanding states’ human obligations will close the accountability gap in climate law or facilitate climate justice. Recent trends in climate change litigation, in particular, have witnessed…

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