Lokman B. Çetinkaya


Lokman B. Çetinkaya holds Bachelor’s degrees in both Law and Sociology, and an LL.M. in International Law. Lokman is a Ph.D. candidate in International Law at European University Viadrina in Germany and currently works as a Research Assistant at FSM Centre for International Law (UHAM) & Faculty of Law, Istanbul Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakıf University. He is the author of “Safe Zone: A Response to Large-Scale Refugee Outflows and Human Suffering,” published by Springer in 2017.

Recently Published

Turkey’s Military Operations in Syria

Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) carried out ‘Operation Euphrates Shield’ for 216 days from August 2016 to March 2017 in the triangle between Azaz, Jarablus and al-Bab in northern Syria. Thanks to this military operation, Turkey cleared Daesh from the region and halted the risk of the PYD/YPG exercising control of the Syrian side of the shared 911km border…

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