Mark Lattimer


Mark Lattimer is the Executive Director of the Ceasefire Centre for Civilian Rights. Formerly Director of Minority Rights Group International, he is the editor (with Philippe Sands) of The Grey Zone: Civilian Protection between Human Rights and the Laws of War (Oxford, Hart/Bloomsbury, 2018)

Recently Published

Civil liability for violations of IHL: are the US and UK moving in opposite directions?

On 25 August 2022 the US Department of Defense published its Civilian Harm Mitigation and Response Action Plan (CHMR-AP), outlining a major three-year programme of institutional change in how the US deals with civilian harm occasioned by military operations. The plan was ordered by Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin in January following the release of…

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Can Incidental Starvation of Civilians be Lawful under IHL?

Two recent posts in the recent joint blog series on international law and armed conflict concluded that the siege of a defended locality was permitted under the Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC)/International Humanitarian Law (IHL), but subject to a series of constraints regarding the protection of civilians. The prohibitions on starvation of civilians (in Geneva Conventions Additional…

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The Duty to Investigate Civilian Deaths in Armed Conflict: Looking Beyond Criminal Investigations

Writing in the Times last Friday, General David Petraeus, former commander of US Central Command, added his voice to the familiar refrain that ‘European human rights law’ has given rise to the ‘judicial pursuit of British soldiers and veterans’. Petraeus may be correct in stating that the British emphasis on criminal investigations would never obtain in…

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