Kyra Wigard


Kyra Wigard is a PhD researcher at the Faculty of Law and Criminology, KU Leuven. Her research focuses on the impact of legal origin on the decision-making of judges at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and the International Criminal Court (ICC). Prior to joining KU Leuven, she held positions as a Delegate for the International Federation for Human Rights’ (FIDH) Permanent Representation to the ICC and as a Legal Fellow for Armanshahr/OPEN ASIA researching the ICC Afghanistan situation.

Recently Published

Goliath vs David (and Friends): A Recap of the Preliminary Objections Hearings in Ukraine v. Russia

Introduction Never before in the history of the Court have so many States’ representatives squeezed into the Great Hall of Justice for a contentious proceeding, as occurred in the preliminary objections hearings in Ukraine v. Russia which concluded on Wednesday. Not merely offering Ukraine and Russia a platform to trade political barbs, the proceedings raise a…

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A Hot Potato: The ICJ’s Order on the Admissibility of 32 Declarations of Intervention in Ukraine v. Russia

On Friday 9 June 2023, the ICJ uploaded to its website a hotly anticipated order regarding the admissibility of the mass Article 63 interventions in the Ukraine v. Russia Genocide Convention case. This came at the end of a week of dramatic oral hearings in the…

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