Kubo Mačák



Dr Kubo Mačák is a legal adviser at the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). Prior to joining the ICRC in 2019, he worked as an Associate Professor of Public International Law at the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom. Kubo is the author of the book Internationalized Armed Conflicts in International Law (OUP 2018) and the General Editor of the Cyber Law Toolkit, an interactive online resource on the international law of cyber operations.

Recently Published

Even ‘cyber wars’ have limits. But what if they didn’t?

In today’s digitalizing world, States and non-State armed groups increasingly employ cyber capabilities in their military operations, and their use is likely to grow. Still, there is a debate – most prominently in the framework of the two multilateral processes under the auspices of the United Nations – as to how the existing international legal frameworks apply to…

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Was the Downing of the Russian Jet by Turkey Illegal?

There has been much talk of improvement of the relationship between Russia and the West following the deadly terrorist attacks in Paris two weeks ago. Whatever gains have been made on that front will risk being reversed following Tuesday’s incident involving the Russian and Turkish air forces. Although the exact facts are—and likely will…

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No Legal Basis under IHL for Detention in Non-International Armed Conflicts? A Comment on Serdar Mohammed v. Ministry of Defence

On any account of the events that transpired one early April morning four years ago in northern Helmand in Afghanistan, the plight of Mr Serdar Mohammed is not to be envied. For reasons that are still in dispute, he was captured by the UK armed forces close to his home. Shot at, bitten by a military dog, and…

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