Kimberley Trapp


Kimberley Trapp is a Senior Lecturer in Public International Law at UCL, Faculty of Laws. She is co-editor of Current Legal Problems, and a member of the Board of Editors of the Cambridge International Law Journal and the Journal of the Use of Force and International Law and serves on the Advisory Board of the Inter Gentes McGill Law Journal. Kimberley has published widely on issues relating to the use of force, State responsibility, the interaction between IHL and terrorism suppression, and the settlement of international disputes and is author of the OUP monograph State Responsibility for International Terrorism.

Recently Published

Ukraine v Russia (Provisional Measures): State ‘Terrorism’ and IHL  

On 16 January 2017, Ukraine filed an Application against Russia before the International Court of Justice (‘ICJ’ or ‘the Court’), founding the Court’s jurisdiction (in part) on the compromissory clause (Article 24) of the Terrorism Financing Convention (‘ICSFT’). On the very same day, Ukraine filed a Request for the indication of measures of protection. On…

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