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Response to Marrus, Stiller and Cryer

I am indebted to Professors Marrus, Stiller, and Cryer for their responses to my book – their criticism as well as their praise.  (Though I confess to considerable relief that the praise seems to outweigh the criticism.)   Writing this reply is no easy task, not least because I find myself in agreement with much of what all three professors have…

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The Nuremberg Military Tribunals and the Origins of International Criminal Law

I am deeply grateful to both my co-bloggers at Opinio Juris and the editors of EJIL: Talk! – particularly my friends Marko Milanovic and Dapo Akande – for this remarkable opportunity to discuss my new book.  I look forward to hearing what the impressive, and frankly intimidating, group of commenters have to say about it. I wrote…

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