Jonathan W. Hak


Jonathan W. Hak KC PhD is a barrister and solicitor and international imagery law researcher and lecturer who teaches extensively in the UK, US, Canada, Singapore, and Europe on the legal and practical considerations involved in the effective use of image-based evidence in criminal prosecutions. The focus of his recent PhD work is on the use of non-textual evidence in international criminal prosecutions. He is the author of Image-Based Evidence in International Criminal Prosecutions: Charting a Path Forward (Oxford University Press, 2024). Jonathan was appointed Queen’s Counsel in 2006.

Recently Published

The Satellite Era: How Earth Observation Data is Being Mobilized as Potential Digital Evidence

Public monitoring of ongoing conflicts, for example, in Gaza, Ukraine, and Sudan, demonstrates the extent to which both human rights defenders and journalists increasingly rely upon earth observation data (EOD) to ascertain and substantiate facts on the ground. EOD is inclusive of data collected by satellites—such as satellite images,…

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