Joseph Weiler


Joseph Weiler is Editor-in-Chief of the European Journal of International Law. He is University Professor and holder of the European Union Jean Monnet Chair at New York University School of Law, where he is also Co-Director of the Jean Monnet Center for International and Regional Economic Law & Justice. In addition, he is Co-Editor-in-Chief of I•CON – the International Journal of Constitutional Law.

Recently Published

Best Practice – Writing a Peer-Review Report

The importance of peer review has, if anything, increased in recent times. The enthrallment of current academia with ‘objective’ quantitative measures in the processes of selection, promotion and evaluation of academic performance has put a premium on publication in ‘peer-reviewed’ journals. Instead of a faculty reading carefully the work and making up its own mind as to its…

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EJIL Vol. 30 (2019) No. 2: In this Issue

This issue opens with three articles that address underexplored corners of international law. The first article focuses on the topic of customs unions. Adopting a historical perspective, Michal Ovádek and Ines Willemyns identify gaps and ambiguities in the contemporary legal definition of custom unions. They then conduct a comparative analysis to examine how different custom union agreements address…

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The EU – A Community of Fate, at Last; Vital Statistics

The EU – A Community of Fate, at Last I have great sympathy for the outburst of Donald Tusk on special places in Hell. I believe I was just as harsh or even worse in writing about the Cameron folly. At the time of writing, the final act in the Brexit farce is still…

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