Joseph Weiler


Joseph Weiler is Editor-in-Chief of the European Journal of International Law. He is University Professor and holder of the European Union Jean Monnet Chair at New York University School of Law, where he is also Co-Director of the Jean Monnet Center for International and Regional Economic Law & Justice. In addition, he is Co-Editor-in-Chief of I•CON – the International Journal of Constitutional Law.

Recently Published

‘That Which Is Hateful to You, Do Not Do to Your Fellow! That is the Whole Torah; The Rest is Interpretation’ (from the Elder Hillel in Babylonian Talmud, Shabbat 31a)

I am creeping up to the age where some friends and former students have approached me with the idea of a Festschrift (Mélange, Liber Amicorum). Of course I was touched and moved by the expression of friendship and respect. But it took me no more than a few nanoseconds politely to decline, having Hillel’s version of the Golden…

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Publishers, Academics and the Battles over Copyright and Your Rights

Academic publishers and academics live in a symbiotic relationship. Even university presses are dependent (this is the most delicate way of putting it) on profits and they earn such from our writing. Without us, they would be out of business. And we, the writers, even in the age of the internet, need publishers. They provide an important service…

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We are pulled in opposite directions in the face of a global upending of normal life. We find it attractive, even if hunkered down at home, as is our whole editorial team, in six different countries, to continue serenely our normal work in the face of a-normalcy. The life of the mind, the scholarly endeavor continues – even…

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