Jochen von Bernstorff


Jochen von Bernstorff is Professor for Constitutional Law, Public International Law and Human Rights in Tübingen, Germany.

Recently Published

A Fossil Fuel Ban Treaty: Corrective Treaty-Making Beyond Consensus

As the COP28 drew to a close the day before yesterday, the final outcome left many disappointed. The first global stocktake, regarded as the central decision of the conference, was adopted after intense negotiations over the final text. COP 28 could neither agree on the overdue call on parties to phase-out current fossil fuel extractions nor to stop…

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German International Law Scholarship and the Postcolonial Turn

International law scholarship from the German-speaking world has an impressive and much-invoked theoretical tradition. Nineteenth century German positivism centring on the will of the state as the formal basis of law (Jellinek and Triepel) made a lasting impression on modern Western international law scholarship and also induced two highly influential in depth critiques of Staatswillenspositivismus just after the…

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