Jure Vidmar


Jure Vidmar is Professor of Public International Law, Maastricht University, the Netherlands. Prior to joining Maastricht, he held several teaching and research positions at Oxford University. He is also affiliated with the University of Pretoria and was a Visiting Fellow in the Human Rights Program at Harvard Law School. Jure is the author of 'Democratic Statehood in International Law: The Emergence of New States in Post-Cold War Practice' and co-editor (with Erika de Wet) of 'Hierarchy in International Law: The Place of Human Rights'. Jure is also the editor-in-chief of the Hague Yearbook of International Law.

Recently Published

Crimea’s Referendum and Secession: Why it Resembles Northern Cyprus More than Kosovo

On 16 March 2014, Crimea held a referendum on its future legal status. Reportedly, the choice to join Russia was supported by an overwhelming 95.5 per cent of all votes cast, with the turnout of 83 per cent. A day earlier, Russia vetoed a draft Security Council resolution which sought to declare the referendum as…

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The Importance of Legal Criteria for Statehood: A Rejoinder to Dapo Akande

I would like to thank Dapo for his response to a particular claim I make on the statehood criteria. It is a twofold claim that I make in the book. First, the emergence or non-emergence of states cannot be explained by the Montevideo criteria. Secondly, the Montevideo criteria should not be seen as a rule of…

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Democratic Statehood in International Law: A Rejoinder to Jean d’Aspremont and Brad Roth

I am pleased that Professors Jean d’Aspremont and Brad Roth both seem to approve of my proceduralised approach to state making which, inter alia, degrades the Montevideo criteria from customary law to a mere under-labourer of a political process. Their criticism is politely measured but if I had to identify one core word to capture…

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