Julia Kapelańska-Pręgowska


Dr Julia Kapelańska-Pręgowska is an Assistant Professor at the Human Rights Department, Faculty of Law and Administration, Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, Poland. She has been a visiting researcher (Bohdan Winiarski Scholarschip) at the Lauterpacht Centre of International Law. Her research concerns various aspects of IHRL, with particular interest in the intersections between IHRL and biomedicine/bioethics/health law. She has published two monographs and several articles on human rights law, international law, and comparative biomedical law. Her research has been published, inter alia, in the European Journal of Health Law, European Yearbook on Human Rights, Health and Human Rights Journal, and International Community Law Review. She is a member of ILA and EAHL, and a Vice Editor-in-Chief of Comparative Law Review. Julia is a certified tutor of the CoE HELP Program.

Recently Published

Inadequate State Response to Protect Life and Health in Times of COVID-19 as a Violation of Human Rights Obligations – the Example of Poland

While the fourth wave of COVID-19 pandemics flows over Europe and other continents, States undertake different steps and measures aimed at minimizing the spread of the virus. Many countries and regions introduced the requirement of COVID certificates/passes, while some plan to implement mandatory vaccinations at least for certain occupations. These measures have spurred discussions of…

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