Joshua Paine


Joshua Paine is a PhD Candidate at the Melbourne Law School. His doctoral thesis is entitled ‘International Adjudicatory Functions: A Comparative Study through the Lens of Environmental Cases’. From January 2017 he will be a Senior Research Fellow in the Department of International Law and Dispute Resolution at the Max Planck Institute for Procedural Law, Luxembourg. He holds an LLM in international law from Cambridge University and a BA/LLB (Hons 1) from the Australian National University.

Recently Published

Environmental Aspects of the South China Sea Award

Earlier posts (here and here) have provided a general overview of the much-anticipated 12 July Award of an UNCLOS Annex VII Tribunal in the Philippines v China case. This post will focus on the environmental aspects of the Award. The Tribunal’s consideration of environmental issues is largely contained in the part of the Award dealing…

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