Juliette McIntyre


Juliette McIntyre is a Lecturer in Law at the University of South Australia, where her teaching and research focuses primarily on public international law and human rights. Ms McIntyre holds a Master of Laws in International Law from the University of Cambridge, a BA and LLB/LP with Honours. She is currently undertaking her PhD at the University of Melbourne, examining the procedures of the International Court of Justice. She is a recipient of the Law Foundation of South Australia Fellowship, and has significant litigation experience in private and public international law. She is on twitter @juliettemm

Recently Published

The ICJ Changes the Rules for Intervention

On 28 February 2024, the International Court of Justice announced some changes to its Rules of Court. These amendments – to Articles 81, 82, and 86 – may have a profound impact on the future of the recent phenomenon of mass intervention. This post offers a summary of the changes and reflects on…

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Goliath vs David (and Friends): A Recap of the Preliminary Objections Hearings in Ukraine v. Russia

Introduction Never before in the history of the Court have so many States’ representatives squeezed into the Great Hall of Justice for a contentious proceeding, as occurred in the preliminary objections hearings in Ukraine v. Russia which concluded on Wednesday. Not merely offering Ukraine and Russia a platform to trade political barbs, the proceedings raise a…

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A Hot Potato: The ICJ’s Order on the Admissibility of 32 Declarations of Intervention in Ukraine v. Russia

On Friday 9 June 2023, the ICJ uploaded to its website a hotly anticipated order regarding the admissibility of the mass Article 63 interventions in the Ukraine v. Russia Genocide Convention case. This came at the end of a week of dramatic oral hearings in the…

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