John Louth


John Louth is Editor-in-Chief of Academic Law, Oxford University Press

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How Much Public International Law Scholarship is There?

Two years ago I started to try and keep track of and categorize all of the PIL books published in a year. That yielded a figure of about 400 in English, French, and German. I wanted to count journal articles too but soon realized it was too big a job and one I couldn’t justify spending…

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Announcing the OPIL World Cup Challenge

In nearly 20 years of legal publishing nobody has ever sent me a proposal for a book on football and international law. It’s not like there is any lack of international legal issues to be addressed – dispute settlement, IP, workers’ rights, corruption – the list goes on.  Perhaps many of the issues are more matters of private…

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Mapping the Debates about Syria

John Louth is Editor-in-Chief of Academic Law at Oxford University Press International lawyers are fortunate to be well-served by a number of very well informed and thoughtful blogs. Whether just throwing out an idea for discussion or undertaking a detailed survey of a topic it seems to me that we need to…

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