Jeremy Letwin



Jeremy is a Lecturer in Law at Lancaster University Law School. His main areas of interest are Human Rights Law, Public Law, Jurisprudence, Environmental Law and Tort Law. His work has been published in a number of leading law journals, including the Human Rights Law Review, Public Law, the European Human Rights Law Review, and the ECHR Law Review. Jeremy completed his PhD at KCL. His thesis was entitled ‘A Theory of the Moral Foundations of the European Convention on Human Rights’. Before coming to Lancaster University in September 2023, he was the judicial assistant to the Senior President of Tribunals in the Court of Appeal, and a Visiting Lecturer at KCL.

Recently Published

Klimaseniorinnen: the Innovative and the Orthodox

In his dissenting opinion in Klimaseniorinnen, Judge Eicke argues that the majority has gone “well beyond … the permissible limits of evolutive interpretation” in finding a violation of Article 8 [3]. In his view the majority took three innovative steps: (i) expanding the concept of victim status/standing to allow NGOs to have standing even where their members would…

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