Jan Klabbers


Jan Klabbers is Professor of International Law at the University of Helsinki.

Recently Published

Alison Duxbury and Ian Johnstone: A Rejoinder

Delighted as I am to have received the insightful comments of Alison Duxbury and Ian Johnstone, I cannot write a very lengthy rejoinder, for the good reason that on most general matters, the three of us seem to be in broad agreement. In particular Johnstone and I are pretty much on the same page,…

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The Transformation of International Organizations Law

The law of international organizations, governing such topics as their powers, their membership rules, and their privileges and immunities, is dominated by a single theoretical perspective: the theory of functionalism. Yet for all its importance, functionalism as a theory has always remained under-explored and, so to speak, under-theorized. Relatively little is known about how functionalism is structured and…

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Kristina Daugirdas, ‘Reputation and the Responsibility of International Organizations’

It has long been recognized by international lawyers of a more or less critical bent that one of the ways international law can be considered useful – regardless of the question whose idea of usefulness it serves - is that is provides a vocabulary for discussing things. Rules on use of force and self-defense may not solve conflicts,…

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