Jan Klabbers


Jan Klabbers is Professor of International Law at the University of Helsinki.

Recently Published

Readings 2016: On Politics and Ethics and Love

Editor's Note: As in previous years, EJIL’s Book Review Editor, Isabel Feichtner, invited our Board members to reflect on the books that have had a significant impact on them this year. In the following days we will present some selections here on EJIL:Talk! They include books, not necessarily published in 2016, but read or reread this year,…

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Continent in Crisis

Note from Joseph Weiler, Editor-in-Chief of the European Journal of International Law: I have invited Jan Klabbers, member of our Scientific Advisory Board, to write a Guest Editorial for this issue of EJIL (Vol. 27 (2016) No. 3). In the early 1990s, when many were dancing in the streets to celebrate the fall of the Berlin Wall and…

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EJIL Editors’ Choice of Books 2015: Jan Klabbers

Possibly the most disturbing book I have read in a long time is a brief volume written by an Italian political theorist, Roberto Farneti, under the title Mimetic Politics: Dyadic Patterns in Gobal Politics (2015). It is disturbing not for the lack of quality but, rather, for its bleak outlook. Farneti, working in a tradition often traced…

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