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Lack of Certification of the WTO Schedules of the United Kingdom: A Way for Frictionless Trade under a No-deal Brexit Scenario?

Published on March 7, 2019        Author: 

The departure of the United Kingdom (“UK”) from the European Union (“EU”) without any agreement, the so-called no-deal Brexit, seems more likely to happen after the House of Commons voted against Theresa May’s Brexit deal by a record margin of 230 votes (432-202) on 15 January 2019. Under a no-deal scenario, World Trade Organization (“WTO”) rules will govern the UK’s trading relationship with both the EU and other countries. The UK’s trade in goods and services will be subject to most-favoured nation (“MFN”) tariff rates.

However, the UK, as a member State of the EU, does not have its own schedules of concessions under the WTO – for now – because the EU, as a single customs union, has consolidated schedules for goods and services. Accordingly, to conduct its post-Brexit trade, the UK submitted draft schedules on goods and services for certification in 2018. The UK is currently negotiating its schedules with other WTO Members, but time is running short ahead of the UK’s scheduled exit from the EU on 29 March 2019. If the UK fails to certify its schedules before March 2019 – a highly likely scenario – the question becomes whether the UK could unilaterally establish its new schedules and conduct trade based on “uncertified” schedules that have not been agreed by all WTO Members. Read the rest of this entry…

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