Jonathan Horowitz


Jonathan Horowitz is a Legal Officer at the Open Society Justice Initiative where he focuses on issues of human rights, national security, and international humanitarian law. He has extensive experience conducting human rights fact-finding in Sudan, Afghanistan, Kenya, and elsewhere. Jonathan completed his LLM in international human rights law from the University of Essex and has published on the intersection of human rights and IHL, conflict-related detention issues, and the extraterritorial use of force.

Recently Published

Challenging the Traditional View that International Law Does not Extend to Non-State Armed Groups. Book Discussion

While international human rights law (IHRL) and its numerous enforcement mechanisms have proliferated over the years, millions of people remain beyond its reach. Frequently this is because they live in areas controlled by non-state armed groups, often under difficult and oppressive conditions.  Dr. Daragh Murray’s new book “Human Rights Obligations of Non-State Armed Groups” (Hart, 2016) addresses…

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Al-Saadoon and the Duty to Investigate

On September 9, a UK Court of Appeal handed down its judgment in Al-Saadoon & Ors v. Secretary of State for Defence [2016] EWCA Civ 811]. Much of that case revolved around when and how the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) applies to the conduct of a State beyond its own borders (i.e., extraterritorially) in situations…

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