Jacques Hartmann and Michael Waibel


Jacques Hartmann is Lecturer in Law, Dundee Law School, Scotland. Michael Waibel is University Lecturer, University of Cambridge.

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Mackerel War Called Off?

In November 2013 we wrote about a remarkable WTO dispute initiated by Denmark against the EU (The ‘Mackerel War’ Goes to the WTO). The case is remarkable because it has pitted one EU Member state against the other 27. Denmark, a member of the EU, brought the case “in respect of the Faroe Islands” which are part…

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The ‘Mackerel War’ Goes to the WTO

In a typical David and Goliath story, the Faroe Islands - a small archipelago situated northwest of Scotland, halfway between Iceland and Norway, and inhabited by less than 50,000 people - have  requested consultations with the European Union under the WTO’s Dispute Settlement Understanding. The dispute, which concerns fishing rights in the North Atlantic, has been dubbed…

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