Jacques Hartmann


Senior Lecturer in Law, Dundee Law School, Scotland.

Recently Published

The Copenhagen Process: Principles and Guidelines

Jacques Hartmann is Lecturer in Law, Dundee Law School, Scotland. On 20 October the Danish Government published a set of ‘Principles and Guidelines’ on the handling of detainees in international military operations. The Principles addresses uncertainties surrounding the legal basis for detention and the treatment of detainees during military operations in…

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An Indian trial on Danish soil – an odd proposal in a somewhat bizarre case

Jacques Hartmann is Lecturer in Law, Dundee Law School, Scotland. Previouslyjoined the School of Law in September 2012. Prior to that he worked as a legal advisor at the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs It is reported that India seeks to establish a tribunal at its embassy in Copenhagen to try a…

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The European Emissions Trading System and Extraterritorial Jurisdiction

Jacques Hartmann is Assistant Professor, Department of Law, University of Southern Denmark and Fellow at the European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratisation, Venice, Italy. The history of clashes over extraterritorial jurisdiction between the United States and the European Union (and European States) is long. On several occasions, the EU…

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