Jean d'Aspremont


Jean d'Aspremont is Professor of International Law at Sciences Po School of Law. He also holds a chair of Public International Law at the University of Manchester where he founded the Manchester International Law Centre (MILC). He is General Editor of the Cambridge Studies in International and Comparative Law and Director of Oxford International Organizations (OXIO). He is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the European Journal of International Law and series editor of the Melland Schill Studies in International Law.

Recently Published

Destination: the Wasteland of Academic Overproduction (Part 2)

  In the first part of this essay, I have argued that the space available for innovative and imaginative thinking about international law hinges on the format of our research output. I have particularly shared my feeling that, notwithstanding the current veneration of the field for publications in refereed journals, our most innovative and imaginative pieces of scholarship…

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Destination: the Wasteland of Academic Overproduction (Part 1)

  We, international lawyers, publish too much, way too much. We know it too well and yet continue to produce scholarship by the truckload. We carry on with writing even if it comes at the expense of the breadth of our reading or the quality of our teaching. We persist to write, quite sadly I must say, even…

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Do We Need Another Database of International Law Documents?

Online databases and repositories appear to be the new golden calf of law publishers which have invested a lot of money in these new academic products. Some publishers secured an early lead position in this market while others are now catching up. From the perspective of the academics that contribute to the developments of such tools, the market…

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