James A. Green


James A. Green is professor of public international law at the University of Reading. He is co-editor-in-chief of the Journal on the Use of Force and International Law (Routledge) and a member of the International Law Association’s Committee on the Use of Force. He is the author of The Persistent Objector Rule in International Law (OUP, 2016) and The International Court of Justice and Self-Defence in International Law (Hart Publishing, 2009), which won the Francis Lieber Prize.

Recently Published

Initial Thoughts on the UK Attorney General’s Self-Defence Speech

This is part of a series of posts discussing the UK Attorney General's speech on the Modern Law of Self-Defence. See also the other posts in the series by Monica Hakimi and Marko Milanovic. It’s a pleasure to be able to contribute to this EJIL:Talk! discussion of the speech…

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Questioning the Peremptory Status of the Prohibition of the Use of Force

Dr James A. Green is lecturer in law at the University of Reading School of Law. The prohibition of the unilateral use of force, as set out most crucially in Article 2(4) of the UN Charter, is often seen as the archetypal example of a jus cogens norm. Certainly, an overwhelming majority of scholars…

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