Ibrahim Olabi


Ibrahim Olabi is British barrister at Guernica 37 Chambers, a boutique specialist international law firm based in London, UK. His work currently focuses on Syria and recently, Ukraine. He consulted for the International Bar Association and the UN OHCHR on Syria related matters. He is the founder of the Syrian Legal Development Programme, an international law NGO that has been directly supported by more than 5 governments. Ibrahim is also instructed as legal counsel by the Netherlands in a case that may go to the ICJ in respect of alleged violations of the Convention Against Torture. He makes regular media appearances, and was on CNN (Amanpour), BBC, The Guardian, Financial Times and other outlets on international legal matters related to Syria. He also delivered remarks at the United Nations Security Council on Syria. He recently completed the Master of Public Policy Course at Oxford University, and has often travelled to Syria's front line to address international law violations.

Recently Published

With No Judge or Jury, Who Will Decide the Fate of 4.1 million Aid-Dependent Syrians? A Comment on the Legality of UN-Coordinated Cross-Border Aid Operations in Syria

As the UN Security Council (“UNSC”) once again prepares to consider renewing the mandate for UN-coordinated cross-border humanitarian aid operations in Syria, 4.1 million aid recipients wait to see whether Russia will finally veto their last remaining lifeline. With stakes at their highest since 2014, relevant actors within the international community can revert to established legal positions surrounding…

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