Ezequiel Heffes and Marcos D. Kotlik


Ezequiel Heffes holds an LL.M., Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights. Marcos D. Kotlik is a Masters in International Relations candidate (2013–2014), University of Buenos Aires (UBA), School of Law. Both authors are lawyers from UBA. This post reflects partial conclusions of their ongoing research, as members of the project “Beyond the Jus in Bello? The Regulation of Armed Conflicts in the History of Jus Gentium and the Limits of IHL as an Autonomous Regime Before other Branches of a ‘Fragmented’ Public International Law”, approved and funded by UBA, School of Law.

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Special Agreements Concluded by Armed Opposition Groups: Where is the Law?

Common Article 3 of the 1949 Geneva Conventions binds the parties to non-international armed conflicts (NIACs) without making any distinction between the obligations of States and those of armed opposition groups (AOGs). Additionally, it encourages the parties to expand their obligations by concluding special agreements in order to bring other provisions of the GCs into force. These agreements’…

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