Hadar David


Major Hadar David is a legal advisor in the International Law Department of the Military Advocate General’s (MAG) Corps, Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Throughout his service in the Department, Major David has held a variety of positions, specializing mainly in the law of armed conflict, weapons law, and the law applicable to the cyber domain. He has been serving in the IDF MAG Corps since 2016. Major David holds an LL.B. (magna cum laude) from Tel Aviv University (TAU) and a masters in philosophy from Bar-Ilan University, where he is currently a Ph.D. candidate in philosophy. Additionally, he is a JSM student at Stanford University. He is a member of the Israeli Bar Association.

Recently Published

Identifying Customary LOAC in Practice

The following post is part of a symposium based on a conference panel that discussed issues of customary law of armed conflict, at the 4th Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Military Advocate General (MAG) Conference on the Law of Armed Conflict, held in Herzliya, Israel, during May 8-10, 2023. The post is based on Colonel…

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