G. Matteo Vaccaro-Incisa


Matteo Vaccaro-Incisa is Jean Monnet Fellow at the Robert Schuman Center for Advanced Studies (RSCAS) of the European University Institute (EUI, Florence). Previously, Assistant Professor at IESEG School of Management (Paris, 2016-2019), and Teaching and Research Fellow at Bocconi University (Milan, 2012-2015). Of counsel for international law and arbitration at Carnelutti Law Firm (Milan). Ph.D. magna cum laude in International Law (L. Boisson de Chazournes and G. Sacerdoti, 2014); advanced LL.M. in International Dispute Settlement (MIDS, 2009); M.Sc. in Law (Bocconi, 2007).

Recently Published

Crimea Investment Disputes: are jurisdictional hurdles being overcome too easily?

In February-March 2014, Crimea experienced what is here neutrally referred to as a ‘change of effective sovereign’ (as conceded by Ukraine itself). Subsequent events have given rise to at least nine investment claims by Ukrainian nationals against Russia in connection with their investments in Crimea made prior to the ‘change of effective sovereign’. Substantively, all cases pivot on…

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