George Letsas


George Letsas holds the Chair in the Philosophy of Law at UCL since 2014. He is also the Chair of the UCL Research Ethics Committee for Humanities, Arts and Sciences (HAS), and the Co-Director of the UCL Institute for Human Rights. He is the co-creator (with Nicos Stavropoulos of Oxford University) of The Jurisprudes: A Podcast in Legal Philosophy and co-convenes (with Scott Shapiro) the Yale-UCL Workshop in Legal Philosophy. He was formerly co-Editor of Current Legal Problems (OUP). In 2011-2012 he was Senior Emile Noel Fellow at New York University (NYU). Between 2015 and 2018 he was Vice-Dean (International) at UCL. He is currently working on a book entitled 'Status in Law and Morality' (under contract with Oxford University Press).

Recently Published

Did the Court in Klimaseniorinnen create an actio popularis?

Perhaps the thorniest issue that the European Court had to address in Klimaseniorinnen was how to square the prohibition on actio popularis with the granting of standing to the applicant association, but not to the individual applicants. How can the four individual applicants lack victim status, as the Court held, yet the association, of which the applicants were…

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