Gizem Guney


Dr Gizem Guney is a Teaching Fellow at the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, University of Portsmouth. She completed her PhD at the University of Sussex in 2019, which analysed the Istanbul Convention from a radical feminist perspective, particularly in the light of the dominance theory developed by Catherine A. MacKinnon. She taught law and criminology modules at the University of Sussex before. She has taken active and representative roles in numerous research centres including the Sussex Centre for Human Rights Research (SCHRR) and Middle East and North Africa Centre at Sussex (MENACS).

Recently Published

The Istanbul Convention: A Missed Opportunity in Mainstreaming Cyberviolence against Women in Human Rights Law?

The monitoring body of the Council of Europe (CoE) Istanbul Convention, GREVIO, has recently adopted its very first General Recommendation which is specifically devoted to the ‘Digital Dimension of Violence against Women’. This development is important considering that the text of the Istanbul Convention had no direct or indirect reference to cyber forms of violence…

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The Group of Experts under the Istanbul Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence against Women and Domestic Violence and the ECtHR: Complementary or Contradictory Tools?

The Istanbul Convention is a blueprint document in handling violence against women as the first legally binding treaty in Europe specifically devoted to the problem of violence against women. One aspect of the Istanbul Convention that deserves particular attention is the Group of Experts on Action against Violence against Women and Domestic Violence (GREVIO), which was…

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