Gauthier de Beco


Gauthier de Beco is (Senior) Lecturer in Disability at the University of Leeds, and has taught at the University of Leuven, University College London and the University of Louvain. He has specialised in the area of international human rights law with a special focus on the issue of disability. He has been acting as an expert to several governmental and non-governmental organisations (including the OHCHR and the European Commission). He has widely published in international legal journals, and is on the editorial board of the Revue trimestrielle des droits de l’homme. Gauthier de Beco has worked in an independent capacity with both the MDAC and GRIP, and had them liaise with each other to bring a complaint before the European Committee of Social Rights.

Recently Published

MDAC v Belgium before the European Committee of Social Rights: The Right to Inclusive Education Pushed by the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Around the world, the great majority of disabled children are out-of-school. In Western countries, they are often educated in so-called ‘special schools’, which give them lower educational standards and impede their inclusion into society. In a recent case about the issue, the European Committee of Social Rights has found Belgium in breach of the European Social…

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