Freya Baetens


Freya Baetens is Professor of Public International Law at Oslo University and affiliated with the Europa Institute at Leiden University. As a Member of the Brussels Bar, she regularly acts as counsel or expert in international disputes.

Recently Published

Multiple Avenues for State Cooperation with the International Criminal Court – Part One

The issue of obtaining State cooperation in prosecutions of criminal suspects is one of the biggest challenges facing the International Criminal Court (ICC). While States are supposed to have clear and binding obligations under Part 9 of the Rome Statute, sometimes those legal obligations are frustrated. As a result, the ICC has adopted an approach that involves ‘multiple…

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Renewable energy incentives: reconciling investment, EU State aid and climate change law

  Domestic incentives for renewable energy production To combat climate change, several States have created so-called ‘renewable energy incentivization schemes’ because they feared that private investors may otherwise not be willing to invest in this industry. Compared to other sectors, renewable energy investment usually requires significant upfront capital investment, while returns may be unsure and take…

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Abuse of Process and Abuse of Rights Before the ICJ: Ever More Popular, Ever Less Successful?

Abuse of process and abuse of rights objections seem to have become increasingly popular in cases before the ICJ. While acknowledging that the two concepts have much in common, the Court has distinguished between them by noting that ‘abuse of process’ relates to judicial proceedings and is a preliminary issue that may bar admissibility, while ‘abuse of rights’…

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