Freya Baetens


Freya Baetens is Professor of Public International Law at Oslo University and affiliated with the Europa Institute at Leiden University. As a Member of the Brussels Bar, she regularly acts as counsel or expert in international disputes.

Recently Published

The EU’s Anti-Coercion Instrument: A Big Stick for Big targets

Applying economic pressure to coerce another country into a particular course of action has been around for a while, as developing countries can attest. In recent years, though, economic coercion has also been increasingly used against developed countries. The EU has been the target of such unwelcome pressure from, among others, China, Russia and the United States.

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Why The Netherlands should ratify CETA

International law has been front-page news in The Netherlands for the past weeks as the Dutch Parliament is debating whether or not to ratify the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between the EU and Canada (CETA). The so-called Second Chamber (Chamber of Representatives) approved such ratification in February 2020 and the issue will be put to a…

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Multiple Avenues for State Cooperation with the International Criminal Court – Part Two

Yesterday’s post (see here) discussed witness protection and the release of temporarily or permanently acquitted defendants as potential avenues for State cooperation with the ICC. Today’s post will consider further opportunities for such cooperation and conclude with some general observations on the issue. Detainees’ family visits Many detainees cannot afford to…

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