Ed Robinson


Ed Robinson is an English qualified lawyer presently undertaking a PhD at UCL, focusing on international humanitarian law and state support for armed groups, with funding from the London Arts & Humanities Partnership.

Recently Published

Arms Exports to Saudi Arabia in the High Court: what is a “serious violation of international humanitarian law”?

As readers will be aware, the UK High Court is presently considering a high-profile case challenging UK arms exports to Saudi Arabia. Arguments in the judicial review proceedings brought by Campaign Against Arms Trade were heard in February and judgment is awaited. Although brought under English law, the case potentially implicates various international law questions.

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The European Convention on Human Rights in Non-International Armed Conflict – Revisiting Serdar Mohammed

The UK Government’s re-commitment in May to replacing the Human Rights Act (HRA) immediately followed the Supreme Court’s further hearings on one of the more controversial cases under the Act – the Serdar Mohammed claim against the Ministry of Defence (on which additional hearings are expected later this year). The claimant, who on the assumed facts was…

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