Eric Fripp


Eric Fripp - Barrister, 36 Public & Human Rights, part of the 36 Group, Gray’s Inn, London and Senior Visiting Fellow, Refugee Law Initiative, School of Advanced Study, University of London. General Editor, The Law and Practice of Expulsion and Exclusion from the United Kingdom (Hart, 2014), author, Nationality and Statelessness in the International Law of Refugee Status (Hart, 2017).

Recently Published

Passportisation: Risks for International Law and Stability – Response to Anne Peters

Introduction Anne Peters’ EJIL Talk! blog post Passportization: Risks for International Law and Stability regarding actions of the Russian Federation as regards applications for Russian nationality for persons living in certain parts of Ukraine (see here and here) raises important and interesting questions. With respect I believe that (i) the post overstates the assistance available…

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