Enrico Benedetto Cossidente


Enrico Benedetto Cossidente is an Italian Army staff officer and military legal advisor. He is specialized in international/operational law and security issues. He currently serves as a legal advisor to the Italian Defence General Staff - Office of Legal Affairs (International Law Branch). Before this assignment he worked as military legal advisor for NATO. He has also been a legal advisor in military operations abroad. He holds a Law degree from the University Guglielmo Marconi (Rome) and an LLM on IHL/LOAC from the University of Turin. He writes in his personal capacity.

Recently Published

A Reply to Professor Kraska on the Iranian Shootdown of the US Global Hawk Drone

Prof. Kraska has argued in his latest EJIL: Talk! article that the incident regarding the downing of a US drone by Iran happened due to the scarce knowledge of international law by an Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) commander. While I do appreciate Prof. Kraska's discretion in referring to US intelligence sources, on the other hand the…

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