Dire Tladi


Dire Tladi is professor of international law at the University of Pretoria; Special Adviser to the Minister of International Relations and Co-operation; Member of the UN International Law Commission.

Recently Published

Is the International Law Commission Elevating Subsequent Agreements and Subsequent Practice?

At its most recent (70th) session, the International Law Commission adopted two important sets of “restatements” on two important sources of international law on second reading, namely the Draft Conclusions on the Identification of Customary International Law and the Draft Conclusions on Subsequent Agreements and Subsequent Practice in Relation to the Interpretation of Treaties (see the ILC’s…

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The ICC’s immunity debate – the need for finality

In a judgment given last month, on 6 July, the Pre-Trial Chamber of the International Criminal Court (ICC) confronted the vexed legal question of immunities for heads of state who are alleged to have committed international crimes. It did so in a case involving South Africa’s failure to arrest President Bashir of Sudan when he…

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