Daniel Sarmiento


Daniel Sarmiento is a Professor of EU Law at the University Complutense of Madrid. For the past years he has worked as a legal secretary at the Court of Justice of the European Union. Previously, besides his academic work, he was a legal advisor at the Spanish Ministry of the Presidency, where he also had lots and lots of fun.

Recently Published

The EU Judiciary After Weiss – Proposing A New Mixed Chamber of the Court of Justice: A Reply to Our Critics

A few weeks ago, we published a proposal, in the form of a Position Paper, for the creation of a Mixed Chamber at the Court of Justice as a means, in part, of addressing the issues highlighted by the May 5th Weiss decision of the German Constitutional Court. This Chamber, to be composed of sitting members of the…

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A Court that Dare Not Speak its Name: Human Rights at the Court of Justice

Editor's Comment: The adequacy of the ECJ jurisprudence in the area of human rights has been the subject of extensive critical comment in recent times, not least since its much commented upon decision in Opinion 2/13. I have invited one of the most authoritative, knowledgeable and sober voices in the EU law interpretative community, Daniel Sarmiento to contribute…

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