Darryl Robinson


Darryl Robinson is Associate Professor at Queen’s University, Faculty of Law (Canada). He received the 2013-2015 Antonio Cassese Prize for International Criminal Legal Studies.

Recently Published

Essence of Crimes against Humanity Raised by Challenges at ICC

Two recent challenges to the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court in the Kenya situation bring out exciting questions of the essence of crimes against humanity. Defence counsel have challenged jurisdiction on the grounds that the violence in Kenya, which involved over one thousand killings and hundreds of rapes, did not constitute a crime against humanity (see:…

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ICC Review Conference: Taking Stock of Stocktaking

In the opening days of the Review Conference, one often heard references to the Review Conference as an “historic event” and a “second constitutional moment”.  With the significant exception of the possible adoption of the crime of aggression, which would indeed be a profound development, there is reason to ask whether the Conference is more a “constitutional moment”…

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ICC Review Conference Opens in Kampala; Features Intriguing Hybrid Character

The International Criminal Court Review Conference opened today, May 31, 2010 in Kampala, Uganda.   The Conference has drawn thousands of participants, including heads of state, ministers, diplomats and other State officials, NGOs, parliamentarians, academics, media and officials from international courts and from the United Nations (including the current Secretary General and his predecessor).  The conference is hosted by…

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