Darryl Robinson


Darryl Robinson is Associate Professor at Queen’s University, Faculty of Law (Canada). He received the 2013-2015 Antonio Cassese Prize for International Criminal Legal Studies.

Recently Published

Feeling a Way Forward for International Justice – ICC, Africa and the World

As we all know, 2016 has seen, on many fronts, a surge of isolationism and nativism, as well as a tendency toward polarization and “post-factual” rhetoric. Against this global backdrop, there were reasons to expect dramatic confrontations at the ongoing session of the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) Assembly of States Parties (ASP). In recent years, discontent with…

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Take the Long View of International Justice

Last week there was much coverage about South Africa’s intended withdrawal from the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC), as well as potential withdrawals by other states, including Burundi. The dominant theme in the media coverage was that this is a “major blow” or “devastating blow” to the ICC. I am hesitant about some of the…

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Mexico: The War on Drugs and the Boundaries of Crimes Against Humanity

Mexico ratified the International Criminal Court (ICC) Statute in 2006. Since that time, in the context of the ongoing conflict with drug cartels, there are credible reports (from governmental and non-governmental sources) of tens of thousands of killings, tens of thousands of disappearances, and thousands of cases of torture. While the precise figures are disputed, the…

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