Daan Kingma


D.G. (Daan) Kingma LL.B. (cum laude) is an M.A. student in East Asian Studies (Leiden University) and an LL.M. student in legal research (University of Groningen). He is also an exchange student at National Taiwan University. He previously interned for the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security and co-authored two publications on Netherlands-Taiwan relations for the Dutch Parliament at LeidenAsiaCentre.

Recently Published

Caught in a Geopolitical Crossfire: Questioning the Legality of US-Imposed Export Controls on Dutch Computer Chip Machines

For years now, the US has lobbied with the Dutch government to institute controls on the export to China of chipmaking machines produced by ASML, Europe’s most valuable tech company. In 2019, Washington effectively pushed the Netherlands to prevent the export of one of ASML’s most advanced “Extreme Ultraviolet” (EUV) lithography machines to China. And…

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