Christian Tams



Christian J. Tams is Professor of International Law at the University of Glasgow, where he directs the Glasgow Centre for International Law and Security. He is the Review Editor of the European Journal of International Law and an academic member of Matrix Chambers London. His research focuses on questions of dispute resolution, the use of force, investment law and the law of treaties. A selection of his contributions is available on SSRN.

Recently Published

A Bumper Review Section

From its very early days, EJIL has been serious about book reviewing. Around 650 books have been reviewed in the pages of the Journal since 1990. Reviewers have praised many of them, and criticized some, occasionally scathingly. In praise and criticism, EJIL reviews are intended to stimulate academic debate and direct readers to key contributions to scholarship. A…

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Favourite Readings 2020 – Introduction

At the end of 2014 Isabel Feichtner invited EJIL Board members to reflect on the books that had impacted them that year. This has started a tradition of 'Favourite Readings' contributions that we are continuing to this day in order to celebrate books, the process of reading, and the influence reading has on us all. This…

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Immunities and Compromissory Clauses: Making Sense of Enrica Lexie (Part II)

In Part I of this post, we discussed how the Arbitral Tribunal, in its recently-released award in the Enrica Lexie case, approached the question of incidental jurisdiction over questions of immunity. While the Tribunal’s jurisdiction, under Article 288 UNCLOS, was limited to ‘dispute[s] concerning the interpretation or application of th[e] [Law of the Sea] Convention’…

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