Claire EM Jervis


Claire EM Jervis is a Visiting Researcher at Kings College London and former senior legal adviser at the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office. She is writing a book on Data Protection in the Public Sector for Oxford University Press and writes on public International law and privacy related issues.

Recently Published

With WHOm can I share data? Applying the GDPR to transfers of data to International Organisations

Introduction The Coronavirus pandemic has thrown International Organisations (IOs) such as the World Health Organisation (WHO) into the spotlight. Critics ask whether they suffer from undue political influence or unhelpful political apathy. A more prosaic question the crisis raises, however, concerns the rules that apply to such bodies when they process personal data. In this regard,…

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Barbulescu v Romania: Why There is no Room for Complacency When it Comes to Privacy Rights in the Workplace

For some privacy advocates, the decision earlier this month of the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) in Barbulescu v Romania was another milestone in the pursuit of greater protection for employee privacy. Reversing a decision of the Fourth Section last year, the Court held that the monitoring of an employee’s Yahoo Messenger…

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