Cordula Droege


Dr Cordula Droege heads the Unit of Legal Advisers to Operations at the International Committee of the Red Cross in Geneva. Since joining the ICRC in 2005, she has held several positions as a legal adviser in Geneva, in Sri Lanka and in Israel and the Occupied Territories. Previously, Cordula worked in a number of positions in the field of international law and human rights law, including the International Commission of Jurists, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and the Max Planck Institute for International Law. She has published on a wide variety of isses in human rights and IHL. She holds a law degree, a PhD from the University of Heidelberg and an LL.M from the London School of Economics.

Recently Published

Human Rights Obligations of Non-State Armed Groups: Realistic or Overly Ambitious? Book Discussion

Dr Murray’s book, Human Rights Obligations on Non-State Armed Groups talks about non-state armed groups as a reality that needs to be addressed: they exist, they exercise control, and therefore we must talk about their responsibilities. While this might seem self-evident, his sober analysis is particular commendable in the context of the current counter-terrorism atmosphere and discourse.

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