Charlie JP Bennett


Charlie JP Bennett is a Legal Researcher Officer in European Law at the Space Court Foundation.

Recently Published

Nuclear space-based ASAT weapons – A brief international legal perspective

On 14th February 2024, US and UK media reported the emergence of serious national security concerns by senior American officials and lawmakers that the Russian state was pursuing the deployment of a nuclear-based weapon designed to eliminate (enemy) satellites. It was added that such a weapon had not yet been deployed, but had reached some stage…

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A future ‘EU Space Law’: A few Constitutional Considerations

A new and potentially extensive ‘EU Space Law’ is – according to the new EU Space Strategy on Defence and Security (the ‘Space Strategy’) released in March 2023 – currently under consideration by the European Commission and High Representative of the Common Foreign and Security Policy (‘High Representative’). The communication amounts to a…

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The EU’s (limited) push toward the strengthening of International Space Law

International Space Law has long suffered from a deficit in global regulatory action. Like many other areas of international law, international space law is behind with what is needed to solve current problems, including: low-earth orbit pollution (or even potential un-useability if orbital debris reaches a severity flashpoint), light pollution (from satellites), the…

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