Dr Carmine Conte


Dr Carmine Conte is the Legal Policy Analyst of the Migration Policy Group. He conducts international research on law and policy on migration, refugee integration and anti-discrimination at national and EU level. He also contributes to the European network of legal experts in gender equality and non-discrimination. Carmine holds a PhD in EU anti-discrimination law at Middlesex University of London, a Master’s degree in Law and a Master of Arts in International Public Affairs from LUISS University of Rome. Carmine previously worked as policy and advocacy officer at the European Disability Forum.

Recently Published

Institutionalisation and Deprivation of Legal Capacity: This is how Hungary is Violating the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

NGOs have long been sounding the alarm that Hungary is seeing a rise of persons with disabilities being deprived of their human right to equal recognition before the law, and are continuously subjected to guardianship and institutionalisation. It is known that laws and practices linked to disability have a substantial negative impact…

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